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You can choose posts by a specific criteria and they will be displayed in different color/styling in order to stand out among other posts on all post listing templates. You can highlight posts based on category, tags, number of comments and number of views, or you can pick them manually. You can see an example of a post module with highlighted posts included.

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8 Best Pavilions To Visit – Expo 2020 Dubai

I think Japan should be ranked Number 1 as it is the pavilion with the highest rates. And everyone recommends it. But unfortunately we couldn’t go and see why it was ranked Number 1  as the waiting time was nearly...

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ZamZam Mandi Restaurant

Eating local food from the place you’re traveling to is a must! So when we visited Dubai we tried so many varieties of local food. Tbh! Everything just tasted better there. We loved everything we tried. Not gonna...

Cibo – For Some Affordable Meals

We have  been passing by this place every day while walking to work and never have we wanted to try something here. The reason could be that nothing stood out on their menu. They weren’t so active on social media hence...

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