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Dathuru Card – Cashless Bus for Greater Male’ of Maldives

Dathuru Card, an electronic card system introduced by MTCC (Maldives Transport and Contracting Company PLC) for cashless bus ride. As indicated in my previous post, upon the takeover by MTCC they re-introduced MTCC Dathuru card merging with TouchLink. Both cards can be used for bus services. This card enables traveling between Male’, Airport & Hulhumale as of now.

Cashless cards were introduced with the opening of the new Sinamale’-bridge allowing passengers to travel conveniently. This is ideal and is a must for frequent travelers to avoid inconvenience of carrying or collecting tickets each time of the trip. Travelers cans purchase bus tickets. These tickets are in paper slips, can be used for a single trip and can be obtained only from selected third-parties and MTCC counters as far as I know. There are limited counters across Male’ & Hulhumale’ and at times you might have to walk a bit to find these places which is a hassle.

Public traveling from the Velana International Airport to Hulhumale’ or Male’ can obtain bus tickets at the Airport Post office shop.

Greater Male’ Bus Routes

Below are the bus routines introduced for traveling convenience of the public.

Male’ to Hulhumale’ & Airport

  • Route 1 – West Park to Hulhumale’ Phase 1
  • Route 2 – Carnival to Hulhumale’ Phase 1 (introduced 11th Feb ‘20)
  • Route 7 – Hulhumale’ Phase 2 to West Park
  • Route 8 – Hulhumale’ Phase 2 to Carnival (introduced Jun ‘22)
  • Route 3 – West Park to Velana International Airport

Within Hulhumale’ & Airport

  • Route 4 – Hulhumale’ Phase 1 to Velana International Airport
  • Route 6 – Hulhumale’ Phase 2 to Hulhumale’ Phase 1
  • Route 9 – Hulhumale’ Phase 2 to Velana International Airport (introduced Jun ‘22)

All routes and bus schedule is available for download from MTCC‘s official website.

Dathuru Travel Card


Dathuru cards can be purchased form MTCC counters and authorized third-parties. Cost of a card is about MVR 20 (1 USD = MVR 15.42). Along with the card cost, you can top-up any amount you require. It’s best to have a recharge with an increment of MVR 5 or MVR 10. Reason being, the minimum trip cost is MVR 5 and the maxim is MVR 15 per person.

  • Trip cost between Hulhumale’ Phase 1 to Phase 2 is MVR 5 per person
  • Trip cost between Hulhumale’ Phase 2 to Velana International Airport is MVR 10 per person
  • Trip cost between Male’ to Huhumale’ Phase 1 or Velana International Airport is MVR 10 per person
  • Trip cost between Male’ to Huhumale’ Phase 2 is MVR 15 per person

Trips are charged based on an entire journey, not by the stops. For example, you embark your journey form one stop and diembark somewhere at another stop, this is considered a trip.

MTCC Travel Application

MTCC has introduced and updated their app with most of the said information above. You can download the app from GooglePlay store or Apple store. This app will provide;

  • Bus routes & schedules
  • Live bus movements
  • Check card balance
  • Agents for card purchase and recharge
  • Card and trip charges

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