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Bamboo Resto – Delightful Biriyanis served in Bamboo

Another “lazy to cook” Saturday yesterday and we decided to head outside for dinner. We had a long pending “in our foodie list” place set in mind. How about having something cooked in a Bamboo? Yes, you guessed that right. We visited Bamboo Resto where biriyanis are served on a bamboo. 

Prawn & Mutton Biriyani served on Bamboo
Prawn & Mutton Biriyani served on Bamboo

The Place

Nice ambiance with two stories to accommodate around 40 people approx. We settled ourselves on a table and the lights were dimmed, as usual. Kind and helpful staff in support & explaining the menu. Bamboo Resto is themed with bamboo walls, reception, lighting… etc, to best with the name and theme. 

The Food

After rummaging through the menu we settled in for Bamboo Resto’s signature dishes, The Bamboo Biriyani. Our orders were the mutton and the prawn biriyani along with some Pani Puri’s for starters. Sadly, the waiter returned to us informing its availability.

The Mutton Biriyani was a generous portion served with ample chunks of mutton and boiled eggs. The smell of Masala (a thick-blend of gravy kind mixed with spice) was heavenly. Overall the dish was good but not what I expected. We usually like our food extra spicy and demanded it, but the biriyani lacked that. 

The Prawn Biriyani aforementioned was the same in the portion. It was delightful but lacked the spice again. Generally, people would love it but if you’re a spice lover you’ve got to ask them to make your biriyani spicier.

The Beverages

Bamboo Resto is the second restaurant in Malé city that we caught sight of glass water bottles instead of the mainstream plastic ones. Really happy to see people trying to curb the usage of single-use plastic.

Glass water bottle served during meal
Glass water bottle served during meal

They had a long beverage menu which included fresh juice, soft drinks, mojito, and hot beverages. We opted for the Virgin mojito and the watermelon breeze. Both were really good and were a good way to beat the heat this hot season.

Virgin Mojito (Left) & Watermelon Breeze (Right)

 Overall bamboo Resto was a pleasurable experience with good food.

The Location

Bamboo Resto is located alongside “Iskandhar Magu”, one of the narrow roads on Machchangolhi.

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