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Bamboo Resto – Post-Lock-down Visit

We have already visited the Bamboo Resto and we wrote about it in detail here in this post. But this was the first time we visited post-COVID under the ‘New Normal’. The Maldives is gearing up to restart its economy and businesses. Pretty much all the places from restaurants to salons are all open. But we have to follow the rules when we step outside. Simply;

  • Wear a mask
  • Sanitize often (when stepping in and out)
  • Maintain 3 feet distance

So this time when we went to the restaurant again to try something more so we can share our experience. For starters, we ordered samosas and chicken tikka pieces ( 6 pieces would come in the portion). The chicken was a bomb, juicy, spicy, and packed with loads of flavor. The samosa was also an amazing option. Both are super starters.

For the mains, we ordered their signature bamboo biriyanis. We tried fish and mutton. And I wouldn’t be doing justice to the fish biriyani by saying it was good, It was very very good. It had ample pieces of seer fish and rice which were so flavorful, spicy, and extremely tasty.


We just loved the dish. Talking about it makes me drool.

The Location

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