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Khalid’s Biriyani

Adorned with bright fairy lights Khalid’s Biriyani caught our eye when riding across Male one evening. It looked very bright and fancy outside and was the opposite inside. They had dim lighting and comfortable cushioned chairs. It was very spacious and it was initially empty for a weekend night. Later, we witnessed a few more people walking in.

The staff were really friendly and helpful. Guided us and even suggested us dishes from the menu. 

They had a extensive menu and the waiter said that they have removed some Mediterranean dishes off the menu. Now, they are focusing mainly on the Indian cuisine- their specialty Biriyanis and other items like Naan and Dosas. They do have shawarma, wraps and grilled tandoori meat.

 Unfortunately, we couldn’t try their Biriyani because we were too full that day. 

The food

We tried the Masala Dosa (MVR 65). It was a long and crispy Dosa drizzled with a bit of ghee and filled with flavourful, hot potato masala. There was ample Masala filling in the Dosa. The potatoes were cooked so well and mushy and tempered to perfection and the aroma was amazing. The Dosa was accompanied by Sambar and 2 varieties of chutneys. The Sambar was tangy and super flavourful and filled with vegetables. They even gave extra sambar upon request. The chutneys were really good and went so well with the Dosa too. Would definitely recommend the Dosa.

We also tried the ‘Beef Tawa Shawarma’ (MVR 80). Pulled beef, vegetables, fries and mayo wrapped in a thin Roti. It was a palatable dish. It wasn’t spicy as expected. Could have reduced the mayonnaise a little. But it was filling, and we enjoyed it.

The orange crusher (MVR 50) was sweet and very refreshing. It consisted of crushed ice and orange juice which was perfect to wash down all the food we had. 

After our dinner, we tried Masala tea (MVR 15). We had to make sure that it’s not the machine tea which is so common everywhere in Male. This was homemade tea. It was a mixture of spices simmered in milk along with tea powder. We enjoyed the tea and glad to have found out a restaurant that makes their own tea instead of the instant one. it was definitely worth the price.

Overall, we enjoyed the food and had a good dinner. Would definitely recommend it. We will surely go again to try their signature Biriyani. If you have tried their Biriyani do let us know how it was. 

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