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Thai Wok – Thai food at its finest

Amidst a wide range of spots for Thai food in Male, Thai wok is undoubtedly the pioneer. They are located in AmeerAhmed Magu and in close vicinity to many famous landmarks in the capital city Male. Thai wok serves as an ideal location to meet friends, families and even host business dinners. They also have a private dining area which can easily accommodate nearly 10 people. But always remember to make a reservation before planning your visit there, they tend to be full almost all the time.

Thai wok has the best Tom Yum soup in town! No doubt!. The aroma in the room once they bring in the hot soup is just amazing. The soup is served in a pan where it keeps the soup flaming hot. The different spices and herbs they have used in the soup just makes it zesty and fresh. The aromas and the heavenly flavours of the lemongrass and the ginger just hits different!. Their portions are so generous. A medium portion( MVR 225) which they specified was sufficient for 4, served nearly 6 of us. On each serve, we spotted shrimp, calamari and mushrooms.  It just had the perfect amount of salt and spice. It was definitely worth the money. We almost got full after having the soup that we were wondering if we could eat the other mains that we had ordered.

For starters, we tried the Thai style papaya salad, it had raw papaya, peanuts and various other palatable ingredients which made the salad taste so good.

Cooked with a myriad of prawns and spices, the prawn fried rice was an amazing dish. It was simple and we all enjoyed it. We got a medium portion which served abundantly for 6 people (MVR 240)

We also tried the spicy chicken fried noodles. They had used the rice noodles. It had an amazing texture and it was good. We just wished it was a bit spicier and had a bit more flavour. We just got a small portion just to give it a try (MVR 160) and we felt that just this was not worth the price.

We ordered a small portion of the stir fried kangkung beef as sides , (MVR 140). The beef was so tender and cooked really well. Displaying a perfect hue of green, the kangkung leaves looked fresh and was scrumptious. Unfortunately we couldn’t get a picture of this amazing dish.

The fried chicken wrapped in pandan leaves was like a showstopper. It was marinated so well with spices and flavours and cooked to perfection till it was soft and till  the flavours of the pandan leaf was infused into it. We got 8 pieces of chicken(MVR 230). We all absolutely loved this! 

For beverages, we got Shirley temple (MVR 75) With the right quantity of grenadine and soda this drink had a beautiful hue of red, which looked really appealing. The cherry used to garnish the drink was also commendable. Loved this sugary goodness!

Overall, we loved the ambience and the food. The Tom Yum soup is just a whole new experience that we will never forget. Will definitely go again just for the soup. Highly recommended for Thai cuisine.

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