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Scoop Maldives – An Ice Cream Haven

Scoop is a place in Maldives which was established over three decades ago and is still flying high. Usually in Male, new restaurants open up and are closed down very soon which is very confusing. Is it the price? The Food? Or what went wrong ? We’ll never know. But it’s really exciting to know that Scoop has managed to be running Since 1989.  They have a wide variety of flavours. We have been here multiple times, after the renovation and all which took place a few years ago, this place looks so cosy and subtle.

During our recent visit, we tried something from their savoury menu too. We had a portion of chicken nuggets. 5 nuggets came along with some fries. 🍟 Surprisingly, it was good. The nuggets were really crispy and golden on the outside and soft inside. It had the perfect amount of salt and flavour. The fries were fried till it had the perfect crunch and had  the right amount of salt. Was an ideal treat on a rainy day.

We had 1 scoop of strawberry ice cream. It was so soft and rich. The ice cream has a fresh flavour in it.  It was the perfect balance of sweet and tanginess. It was so good and we loved it. 

We tried the stracciatella. This is hands down my favourite ice cream. 🥰 It has a very soft texture. It’s a milk ice cream with chocolate shavings.

The ice cream had a hint of vanilla flavor. And the chocolate shards just make it so much better. It’s the perfect combo of vanilla and chocolate. The best part is we added some almond flakes for toppings which just had the crunch and we had a whole experience. 

Do try their ice cream, you will not be disappointed. Totally recommend it. Satisfy all your ice cream cravings here.

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