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Bombay Borough – Fancy Indian Restaurant

Bombay Borough was a fine dining restaurant established a few years ago and has been a very successful venture. It’s located in one of the prime spots in Colombo, everyone’s favourite place and most importantly the backdrop for a photo session for Instagram ‘bloggers’ or ‘Influencers’- Yes, One Galle Face Mall. Its on the ground floor and close to the main entrance. This post is long due, we tried the food here a few months ago and not sure if they have brought about any changes to their menu lately.


Adorned with Pomegranates, mint leaves and crispy papadums, The Chowpatty corn chaat was a treat to the eyes. It tasted amazing too, steamed fresh corn, potatoes, crispy peanuts with a touch of flaky mixtures; All the flavours just balanced so well. We gobbled it up as soon as it came.

The Malai chicken roast was the other dish we ordered. Lightly marinated in creamed yoghurt, this was a classic chicken Kebab with 5 pieces. The chicken chunks were so well cooked and the main ingredient – ‘Tellicherry Pepper’  butter was just empowering the whole dish. We loved this kebab and the delicious mint chutney and sauce that came along with it.

The Food

For mains, we had Mutton dum biriyani. The rice was inquisitive and flavourful. The aroma from the rice just made us dig in right away! The rice had an incredible flavour. ‘Potli masala’ is the star of the dish which is responsible for sending forth all that fragrance and flavour from the rice. The lamb in the biriyani had a soft texture, was cooked perfectly and was falling off so handily. The meat and the rice was set so well together and made this dish a big hit.

Next up we wanted to try their breads, and the waiter was helpful and recommended the naan basket since we were quite a big crowd: which had all the varieties of naans, Parottas and Rotis. Our favourite was the Chur Chur Spicy, flaky  parottas with layers. The buttery goodness was so crispy and sprinkled with spices that made this so special.We also got butter naans, garlic naans and plain naan. All the naans were soft and flaky. It was all baked in the tandoor until it’s tender.

Heaped with spices and cream the chicken Tikka Butter masala was engulfed in flavours that will make you want more. The rich ‘makhani’ Punjabi sauce is the key ingredient in this dish. The chicken pieces were cooked so well and were infused immensely with the spices. The gravy was thick and the best consistency to eat with the naans.

We also gave a shot at the ‘Smoked Jodhpur Mutton’. Clove smoked lamb is slow cooked in a traditional brassware. ‘Marwar Mathaniya’ chillies play an important role in persevering  the flavour and the spice factor in the dish. The meat chunks were cooked so well and were so soft. The gravy was also so flavorful and had a  bright red hue. We loved the mutton curry with the naans and Parottas.

Overall, the food was packed with flavours and spices and was appetizing. The prices were exorbitant. Do check your bank balance before stepping in. We would recommend trying it at least once. Do let us know if the food still tastes great and also, tell us what your favourite dish is !

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