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6 quick tips you should know when travelling to Ella.

Ella is undoubtedly an amazing adventure everyone should experience. If you ever visit Sri Lanka please do not miss this picturesque site. In recent years Ella has become renowned for so many beautiful sites. It’s a perfect destination for anyone who loves treks and adventures. 😍

Several travelers have visited Ella and have given us a heads up with their experience and tips. So many of the tips were useful yet we experienced it quite differently since we travelled with the family- with babies and elders. 😃

There are many beautiful sites to visit in Ella such as the Nine-Arch bridge, Mini Adams Peak, Ella Rock etc. We couldn’t check out all the sites as time didn’t permit. But please do allocate at least two days in Ella to have  the whole Ella experience.

So here are some quick tips which might be useful if you are traveling with your family.

  1. When you take babies along with you make sure to use a baby carrier. The path to the Nine Arch bridge is so narrow that you will not be able to take strollers or car seats.

2. Carry a small backpack 🎒- Do include a small water bottle, some wet wipes and some light snacks. Make sure your bag is not too heavy as it will be a hindrance while trekking.

3. The path is not so safe for elders (it’s not wheelchair friendly either) – Make sure they carry a walking stick to help them make their trek easier.

4. Checkout the train timings 🚂- We were not ready with this and had to witness it in an unexpected moment while we were having a photo session in the tunnel. The train came without any prior notice and people were fleeing all over. And amidst all that chaos we couldn’t get that perfect click. So plan your timings well, and find the perfect spot so you can have a great view, because that should not be missed.

5. Always carry cash 💵 – Once you climb up the Mini Adams Peak/ Nine Arch Bridge there will be vendors selling water bottles, king coconut and some snacks like freshly steamed corn. And after all that hike you will definitely need something to hydrate yourself and a light and healthy snack to give you some energy. So, carrying cash will be handy there.

6. On the way to the Mini Adams Peak, you will find South East Asia’s largest Zipline. Don’t miss that out. It costs Rs. 2600 per person for the amazing ride on the zipline. The queue for this will be long so make sure to pre-book it and then climb the Mini Adams Peak. If not you will have to waste at least 1-2 hours just waiting for your turn. Find  out more details about the rates and other rides on

These are some quick tips I’d thought of sharing with you. If you have anything else in mind, do let us know. 

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