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Pita Pan Maldives – A fine dining restaurant

Thursdays are hectic here in the Maldives due to the day being the last day of the week. And I missed my lunch with work being overloaded and got myself free around 5 in the evening. While I was craving for food, I did not want myself to be stuffed. So I decided to head home soon, had tea, picked my wife and went to have dinner.

On our way, we came across Pita Pan, a fine dining restaurant established to blast the taste buds for anyone craving for food. 

The Place 

We entered into this amazing den decorated with a Red theme with dimmed lights. Generally, restaurants and coffee shops in the Maldives carry an ambiance with dimmed lights since the locals love that way but not with bright lights.

Nevertheless, we settled in, received the menu from the waiter with a greeted smile. Along the way, they offered us water as any other restaurants do. What amazed me is, they did not offer the regular plastic bottles but a glass water bottle.

Glass water bottle served at PITA PAN
Glass water bottle

The Food

We settled ourselves with Pita Pan’s Nasigoreng rice, Chilli-chicken with egg-rice/salad & Stuffed Naan Kulcha (stuffed with potatoes). For the beverage, we ordered orange juice and it was so satisfying. All the dishes looked really good and Instagram worthy. However, it was not the best when tasted. Nasigoreng was okay with spice and all but I felt something missing. Most Nasi-Goreng with sea-food is served with prawns.. etc., and they’ll be mixed in the rice itself. But this was different. The sea-food items came as a side item on the dish while the fried-egg covered with the rice. I liked the presentation but prawns were missing which is a big fail for me.

Chilli-chicken with egg-rice, on the other hand, was better both on the look and taste. This dish was served with a pinch of salad (leaves) and it tasted good. Stuffed Naan Kulcha was kind of okay but it needed a little bit of salt. Overall our food experience with Pita Pan was good. 

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