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ELLIES CUISINE – Cosiness among the chaos

Located in a busy corner of Ameene Magu, and a place I walk past almost everyday I hardly noticed it. Among the chaos while walking on the cramped sidewalk I don’t think it’s easy to spot it. We came across the pictures of their food on their Instagram handle and it made us drool.

Mostly, we see Insta worthy pictures and we get deceived by the looks and the food would not taste so great. But Not here! The food tasted great just like the pictures. 😍

They have a mixed cuisine here. There were Indian, Italian, Chinese and Maldivian dishes. Lots of dishes to choose from. We spent a great deal of time trying to decide what we wanted to have. 🤦‍♀️

For starters we had soups, the sweet corn soup was good. Had ample chunks of chicken and egg. I felt like the soup was too watery. They had used corn instead of cream corn which was a drawback. The soup was warm and had many elements and we enjoyed it.

The hot and sour soup on the other hand was like a warm hug. 🥰It was  spicy (in a good way!) It had a perfect balance of spice and sweetness which teased our taste buds. Both the soups came along with some garlic bread which was buttery and crispy. The soups came in generous portions.

For mains, we tried the Beef tacos with soft shell. Honestly , I’m not a big fan of tacos, but these were amazing. There were 3 tacos. The tacos were tender and soft. It had a generous filling of minced beef marinated with many spices and lime. It also had freshly chopped onions and tomatoes. We just felt that it could have had a bit more sauce. The tanginess was overpowering and was on point. It was accompanied by a portion of soft and crispy wedges. Absolutely loved it.

We also tried the Aglio Chicken pasta. Upon my request they made it a tad bit spicier. It had many pieces of grilled chicken, roasted garlic, tomatoes with a hint of cheese. It was a very yummy dish. This also came in a very generous portion and was very filling. I really enjoyed the meal.

We also had fresh watermelon juice. It came in a tall glass. It was so light and refreshing with the perfect amount of sweetness.It was a life saver which helped us to beat the heat here in Male..

Overall, a cosy place with some great food. We totally recommend. 👍Do try it and let us know what your favourite food is  at Ellie’s Cuisine.

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